Tussle XIV Recap

Another Tussle in the Tundra has come and gone! This, the 14th year of the Advanced Squad Leader (ASL) event, proved to be another fun weekend for all who participated. The final standings for each of our events can be found here.

Ron Duenskie, one of the many great players from the “New Jersey Wrecking Crew” defeated Rob Loper in Round 3 of the Main tourney to be crowned Tussle Champion this year.

Paul Chamberland took home the trophy for winning the Saturday “Fog of War” Mini Tourney, defeating local player Derek Dunn after 3 rounds.

In its second year, we had 8 players for the Starter Kit Mini with Scott Hamilton beating Mark Dennehy to repeat as Tussle SK Champion.

One of the things the Tussle strives for is a fun yet competitive environment where players of all experience and skill levels can play our beloved game and learn from one another. On that criteria, Tussle is a rousing success!

One thing we’re going to try differently next year is a scoring system in the main tournament that will encourage players to participate in all five rounds. The idea being that more games = more fun! Plus, a champion after five rounds wouldn’t necessarily have to be undefeated to win the tournament. The initial planning and vetting of this system is underway and should be finalized by the beginning of 2023.

A very large debt of gratitude goes to our sponsors that provide prizes for both the winners of each event, as well as the raffle. Please consider them when making your next ASL or gaming purchase! They are all listed here.

I have much gratitude to the players who make it out to Manchester each year and make our event what it is. This year was a challenge for me and the kind words of thanks and encouragement were appreciated more than I could ever describe.

Tussle XV will be happening in 2023. Exact dates to be determined. We hope to not conflict with the Spreading Blaze event in Atlanta, nor the WBC. Stay tuned for an announcement some time in September once we finalize that.

Until then ROLL LOW! (but not lower than me!)



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