Tournament Scenario Lists

2022 Scenario List for the Main Tournament

Saturday Mini-Tournament – Saturday August 6th

The Saturday Mini will be held on Saturday 8/6 starting at 8am. Players who attend Tussle on Saturday only will be given preference. Players who have had at least one loss in the Main Tournament can also enter the Saturday Mini. This year we will be holding this event as a “Fog of War” tournament. Players will be given an introduction to what forces they could potentially have and what they will face. Once sides are selected details of victory conditions and orders-of-battle will be handed out.

Saturday Mini Round 1 – 8/6 – 830am-2pm

Saturday Mini Round 2 – 8/6 – 2pm-6pm

Saturday Mini Round 3 – 8/6 – 6pm-11pm

ASL Starter Kit Mini (Saturday August 6th)

Round 1 8/6 9am-1pm

Round 2 8/6 1:30pm-5pm

Round 3 8/6 530pm-9pm

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