Tournament Scenario Lists

2021 Scenario List for the Main Tournament

Round 1 – Friday 8/6 – 11am-4pm

AP164 Sparrow Force
WO37 The Vital Hours
DB156 To the Neman
DASL36 Mayhem in Manila
DB161 War to the Knife

Round 2 – Friday 8/6 – 5pm-10pm

AP171 Possl’s Posse
DASL4 First to Strike
(removed item)
MM66 Brazil’s Here (ALBANY)
J94 Kempf at Melikhovo

Round 3 – Saturday – 8/7 – 8am – 2pm

DB157 Morning Massacre
AP174 Forest Gumm
NTX02 They Came Like the Rain
MM62 Five Kopeck Bridgehead
SP243 Konrad Three

Round 4 – Saturday 8/7 – 3pm-9pm

FT232 Heart of Darkness
J183 A Real Barn Burner
AP162 The Governor
DASL20 Smoke the Kents
WO32 Corps Value

Round 5 (if needed) – Sunday 8/8 – 8am-1pm

AP161 ANZAC Boys
AP170 Never on Time
YASL 18 Recon on the Logging Trail

Note: Players can choose a scenario not on this list in any round if they mutually agree to play it. The schedule must be adhered to regardless of scenario choice.

Saturday Mini-Tournament Playlist

The Saturday Mini will be held on Saturday 8/7 starting at 8am. Players who attend Tussle on Saturday only will be given preference. Players who have had at least one loss in the Main Tournament can also enter the Saturday Mini.

Saturday Mini Round 1 – 8/7 – 830am-1pm

WO37 The Vital Hours
AP170 Never on Time
Recon On the Logging Trail

Saturday Mini Round 2 – 8/7 – 130pm-530pm

AP172 Hickory Lickin’
J94 Kempf at Melikhovo
BoF18 Bidermann’s Escape

Round 3 (if needed) – 8/7 – 6pm-10pm

AP170 Never on Time
SP243 Konrad Three
NTX02 They Came Like the Rain

ASL Starter Kit Mini (Saturday August 7th)

Round 1 8/7 9am-1pm

S4 Welcome Back 5.5 Turns All Infantry
S57 Haase to Hold On 5.5 Turns Has Ordnance
NEV3 Battle in the Ardennes 5.5 Turns All Infantry

Round 2 8/7 2pm-6pm

S30 Ripples in the Pond 4.5 Turns Has Armor
S53 Workers Unite 6.5 Turns All Infantry
S33 Few and Far Between 4.5 Turns Has Armor

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