About the Tussle!

Tussle in the Tundra 2023 is scheduled!

Tournament dates are August 10-13th, 2023. There will be open play on Thursday the 10th with the Main ASL tournament scheduled to start on Friday. There will be an updated scoring system used in 2023 that should heighten the fun factor and encourage folks to play all five rounds! This is available here.

There will be a Saturday Mini tournament with the awesome Fog of War scenarios!

ASL Starter Kit will see its first multi-day event this year! We’re assembling a 4-round play list and will have that published out some time in May. So if you love ASL SK, then come on and TUSSLE!

Thanks to all who continue to make Tussle a success each year!

3 thoughts on “About the Tussle!

  1. John Sheehan

    I have not played ASL in decades and have just started getting my son into the game.
    My question is cost and the ability to just poke around.


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