Tussle 2017 in the can!

Tussle 2017 has drawn to a close, all the victory points counted and counters put away until another day.  This year was a high watermark, with 23 total attendees most of whom came in for the weekend for some awesome ASL action!

The main tournament kicked off on Friday and quickly we had nine undefeated players advancing to round 2 and the perennial problem of an odd-numbered field.  No worries though as match ups were made and the second round of action was joined.  Fights happening on many fronts, early-war French defending a village in A Real Barn Burner and classic eastern-front action in Lenin’s Sons.  Five players emerged victorious and ready for the Saturday rounds.

Saturday started early seeing the classic Defiance on Hill 30 being played as well as some allied minors fighting in Belgian Blitzkrieg.  Veterans won!  New players emerged victorious and then only three players emerged to fight in round 4 and potentially advance to the final match on Sunday.  In round 4  Brian Wiersma and Rob Loper decided on Grab and Go, Dave Ginnard still undefeated faced-off against Sean Deller playing the spoiler in the awesome heavy metal scenario Rage Against the Machine.  In the end, emerging from the burning wrecks and broken cardboard troops, Rob Loper was the final undefeated player and took the championship!

Saturday also saw a few players coming in just for the day, and the Tussle was ready with a mini tournament just for them!  Eight players slugged it out over three rounds.  In the last round, Keith Hill battled “Wild Bill” Hayward in the classic PTO scenario Cibik’s Ridge.  Keith’s Japanese troops were able to take the ridge and came out victorious!  Keith Hill earned the prize for the Saturday Mini Championship!

Many thanks are due, but especially to David Garvin for putting together the play list and some data on all the scenarios.  Our sponsors once again provided an amazing pool of prizes, MMP, Bounding Fire, Lone Canuck, Le Franc Tireur and Battle School.  Links to each of these fine merchants can be found here.

The dates are set for Tussle 2018!  August 10-12, 2018 again in the same location.  This will be the 10th anniversary of Tussle and we hope to make it special!

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