Tussle 2020 Wrap-up

Tussle 2020 is in the books! We were able to hold our humble event this year, despite the pandemic and 8 stalwart players made the trek again to Manchester, NH to fight it out.

With our short window of planning, a new format was used. 8 players were broken into two groups of 4. Within each group, every player played each of the other players once. The end result was one player emerging from each group with a 3-0 win-loss record to face off for the championship. Keith Hill of Maine and Ron Duenskie of New Jersey faced off in AP142 “The Closer” for the top spot. Ron’s German force was able to defeat Keith’s Canadians for the win and this year’s championship!

Final Standings over the three rounds are below. Thanks to all the participants for turning out and pitching in to keep Tussle going! We’re all looking forward to 2021. Dates for 2021 are August 5th-8th at the same location, Best Western Executive Court Inn, Manchester, NH

Ron Duenskie4-0
Keith Hill3-1
Chuck Tewksbury2-1
Kedge Johnson2-1
Mark Evans1-2
Gregg Lupaczyk1-2
Rob Loper0-3
Michael Stultz0-3

Some photos of the action over the weekend!

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