Tussle XIII recap

Another Tussle in the Tundra has come and gone! This year we had over 30 attending between our different events, a record since I took over running this tournament since 2013.

The main tournament had 24 entries, our top finisher was Paul Chamberland with an undefeated 5-0 record, beating Ron Duneskie (4-1) in the final round match.

The Saturday Mini tournament had 8 entrants with Paul Sidhu defeating Rob Loper to claim the wood in that event.

This year was also our very first ASL Starter Kit event. Scott Hamilton won two games to claim the trophy for the SK Mini. edging our Steven Oliver.

My heartfelt thanks go out to a number of folks. Mitch Abrams for running the SK Mini, Alex Key for some amazing sponsorship of our raffle prizes and cool unit patches for handouts to all our attendees. And especially to all our player attendees!

Our sponsors also made excellent contributions to the winner’s prizes. Be sure and check out these fine purveyors of ASL products and accessories. Their information can be found on our Sponsors and Prizes page.

Final Standings for the Main Tournament are below:

Paul Chamberland (5-0)
Ron Duenskie (4-1)
Paul Sidhu (4-1)
Mark Evans (3-2)
Carl Nogueira (3-1)
Jim Dostie (3-1)
Keith Hill (3-1)
Sebastian Manikowski (3-1)
Tom Morin (3-1)
Chad Mekash (2-2)
Norman Benjamin (2-2)
Paul Anderson (2-2)
Ralph McDonald (2-2)
Rob Arrieta (2-2)
Rob Loper (2-2)
Derek Dunn (1-3)
Steve Anderson (1-3)
Will Willow (1-3)
Carl Herzog (0-5)
Ross Mulcare (0-4)
Ted Wilcox (0-5)
Kedge Johnson (1-1)
Chuck Tewksbury (1-2)
Richard Vieira (2-1)

3 thoughts on “Tussle XIII recap

  1. Jim Dostie

    First of all thanks to Chuck for making it all possible! Secondly I’d like to thank all the wonderful people that I met, and played, at my first ASL tournament. Looking forward to seeing you all again next year, and to meet those of you that I didn’t get a chance to this year. An amazing group of people!

  2. ron d

    Chuck Great Time as usual, looking forward to next year . Great ASL players all and could not have asked for more fun.


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