Tussle XIV Results

Another Tussle in the Tundra is done and behind us. We had a great weekend of ASL action including the main tournament, a Saturday mini tournament and the return of the Starter Kit mini tournament as well.

Final Standings for each event are listed below.

Main Tournament Results

(edited to include ONLY Main Tourney games)

Ron Duenskie (5-0)
Rob Loper (2-1)
Richard Vieira (2-1)

Michael Stultz (3-1)
Paul Chamberland (1-1)
Keith Hill (1-1)
John Droescher (1-1)
Jeff Luce (2-3)
Mark Evans (1-4)
Ted Wilcox (1-3)
Keith Talbot (0-2)
Ralph McDonald (2-1)
Kedge Johnson (1-2)
Paul Anderson (1-2)
Randy Knight (1-0)
Chuck Tewksbury (0-1)

ASL Starter Kit Mini

Scott Hamilton (3-0)
Mark Dennehy (2-1)
Emery Gallant (1-1)
Andrew Armstrong (1-1)
Steve Oliver (1-1)
Mark Kolenski (1-1)
Cole Mills (0-2)
Tiffani Drennon (0-2)

Saturday “Fog of War” Mini Tournament Results

Paul Chamberland (3-0)
Derek Dunn (2-1)
Keith Hill (2-1)
John Droescher (2-1)
Jeff Luce (1-2)
Bruce Carson (1-2)
Ted Wilcox (1-2)
Keith Talbot (0-3)

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