6 weeks to go!

Summer is here, the weather is warming up and another Tussle draws near!  Only six weeks to go, have you registered yet?  We want you!  ASL action in a fun environment, great people and lots to do in the area of Manchester, NH.  So what are you waiting for?

Tussle X (2018) is coming!

The real question is, are you coming up to Manchester for 4 days of awesome ASL action?  I hope so, we’d love to see you!

This year we’ll be trying a new twist and offering up some fog-of-war for the play list.  We will not be pre-publishing the list and hope to give you a unique summertime challenge.

Thursday we’ll gather for some open play and the main tournament will begin on Friday at 12pm.

We’re gathering some awesome prizes and giveaways for registered attendees as well.  So, what’re you waiting for?  Register now and come join us.

Tussle 2018 Registration is Open!

Planning is underway for this year’s Tussle.  2018 is the 10th anniversary of our event and we’re hoping to make it the best yet.  Any participant who pre-registers by June 30, 2018 will receive a special prize as a token of appreciation for your coming on up to the Tundra!  I hope to see all our regulars and perhaps even some new faces this year!



Tussle 2017 in the can!

Tussle 2017 has drawn to a close, all the victory points counted and counters put away until another day.  This year was a high watermark, with 23 total attendees most of whom came in for the weekend for some awesome ASL action!

The main tournament kicked off on Friday and quickly we had nine undefeated players advancing to round 2 and the perennial problem of an odd-numbered field.  No worries though as match ups were made and the second round of action was joined.  Fights happening on many fronts, early-war French defending a village in A Real Barn Burner and classic eastern-front action in Lenin’s Sons.  Five players emerged victorious and ready for the Saturday rounds.

Saturday started early seeing the classic Defiance on Hill 30 being played as well as some allied minors fighting in Belgian Blitzkrieg.  Veterans won!  New players emerged victorious and then only three players emerged to fight in round 4 and potentially advance to the final match on Sunday.  In round 4  Brian Wiersma and Rob Loper decided on Grab and Go, Dave Ginnard still undefeated faced-off against Sean Deller playing the spoiler in the awesome heavy metal scenario Rage Against the Machine.  In the end, emerging from the burning wrecks and broken cardboard troops, Rob Loper was the final undefeated player and took the championship!

Saturday also saw a few players coming in just for the day, and the Tussle was ready with a mini tournament just for them!  Eight players slugged it out over three rounds.  In the last round, Keith Hill battled “Wild Bill” Hayward in the classic PTO scenario Cibik’s Ridge.  Keith’s Japanese troops were able to take the ridge and came out victorious!  Keith Hill earned the prize for the Saturday Mini Championship!

Many thanks are due, but especially to David Garvin for putting together the play list and some data on all the scenarios.  Our sponsors once again provided an amazing pool of prizes, MMP, Bounding Fire, Lone Canuck, Le Franc Tireur and Battle School.  Links to each of these fine merchants can be found here.

The dates are set for Tussle 2018!  August 10-12, 2018 again in the same location.  This will be the 10th anniversary of Tussle and we hope to make it special!

One month until Tussle!

Good morning my fellow ASL’rs!  It’s just about a month now until Tussle 2017 and I’m more excited than ever to be preparing for the event this year!  We have a solid attendants list, a fun play list and a prize pool that has some pretty cool items.

So spread the word, we have plenty of room for additional players and would welcome anyone who wants to make the trek up (or down) to Manchester this year.

Hope to see YOU there!

Tussle 2017 Approaches!

Tussle in the Tundra 2017 is approaching this August!  Yes, we moved the dates of our event to hopefully accommodate a few of our regular attendees and avoid most of the summer vacations we’d been bumping up against in previous years, and we hope to see YOU there this year as well!

Dates have been set for August 11-13th.  A few folks usually roll in on Thursday night as well and if you don’t have a game that night, you’re sure to find a glass of whiskey and some good conversation with your ASL comrades in arms.

The scenario play list has been published, many many thanks to Dave Garvin for putting this together.  We’ll be returning to our previous format of round-robing paired games in five rounds over the weekend.

If you’d like to attend, please register here on the website and let us know if you’d also like an awesome Tussle T-shirt!  More news to follow as we get closer to time!

Until then, Roll Low!

Tussle 2017

While it may be early to start planning your trip to the Tussle, the organizers of the tournament and the player regulars have been discussing dates for next year’s event.  The new dates for Tussle 2017 will be August 11th through August 13th in 2017.  This minor change is geared to avoid conflicts with many summer vacations, the World Boardgaming Championship event as well as some other regional ASL tournaments.

In the end, there’s no perfect date, but we hope and believe these new dates will improve attendance a bit and be easier for those regulars who we count on as our base.

Have a great Summer and we hope to see you at Tussle 2017!

Tussle 2016 is in the books!

Another Tussle has come and gone.  Fun was had by all!  We laughed, we cried…well we whined a little or at least some of us did!

The new format with 3-player scenarios was well-received and proved for some exciting see-saw battles!

At the end of the weekend David Ginnard emerged as the Tussle 2016 champion, taking home a fabulous diorama and some very nice ASL loot!

Second place in the main was Gary Bartlett, grabbing an LFT magazine and some Battle School dice as well.

The Saturday Mini provided a very full day (and evening) of ASL action, with Rob Loper repeating as the winner!

Much gratitude to a lot of folks who lend support to the event:

  • Mark Evans, serving as tournament director
  • Sean Deller, assembling the play list for the event
  • Carl Nogueira, scanning and digitizing scenarios
  • Prize sponsors included BattleSchool, Le Fran Tireur, Bounding Fire Productions and MMP
  • Christopher Fleury, applying his awesome modeling skills for the 1st place trophy
  • The Best Western Executive Court Inn, making our venue affordable and comfortable

Tussle 2017 is scheduled for July 21-23, 2017.  I hope we can see a few more folks make it, and have all our regulars along as well!

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Tussle 2016 Begins Today

The ASL battle is rejoined today in Manchester, NH.  There are already a few stalwart players here at the event getting some coffee on board and gathering their kits!

With last minute cancellations and late arrivals it’s looking like the format of 12 players in the main tournament will work out nicely.  I hope everyone has a great time!

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