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Tussle 2016 Begins Today

The ASL battle is rejoined today in Manchester, NH.  There are already a few stalwart players here at the event getting some coffee on board and gathering their kits!

With last minute cancellations and late arrivals it’s looking like the format of 12 players in the main tournament will work out nicely.  I hope everyone has a great time!

Another Tussle in the record books!

Tussle 2014 is over and we have a winner!  Brian Wiersma went 5-0 and took home the first place diorama, a Battle School Gift Certificate and copy of MMP Action Pack #9!  Congratulations Brian!

Second place was hotly contested and Rob Loper came out on top in Round 5 with a win.  Our returning champion takes home a Myriad Games gift certificate!  Way to go Rob!

Brian also won the Finni Mini tournament, having the best record in the “embedded” mini tournament.

Complete tournament standings listed below.

Special thanks go out to the following folks for making this year’s tournament possible:

  • Sean Deller and Rob Loper for coming up with the play list this year
  • Mark Evans for volunteering as Tournament Director and Errata researcher
  • Joseph Gochinski supporting us with excellent raffle prizes
  • Bounding Fire Productions, Lone Canuck Publishing, Battle School, MultiMan Publishing and Myriad Games for their donations to the tournament prize pool
  • Christopher Fleury for his creative skills in building an excellent diorama as the first place trophy!

Thanks again to all the participants, and I look forward to seeing you all again in 2015.  Dates for Tussle 2015 are July 24-26th. 2015.


Player Wins Losses
Brian Wiersma 5 0
Robert Loper 4 1
Keith Hill 3 1
Paul Chamberland 3 2
Sean Deller 3 1
Gary Trezza 2 2
Michael Campfield 2 2
Michael Pierzchala 2 2
Rob Arrieta 2 2
John Richards 2 2
Kedge Johnson 1 3
Mark Evans 1 1
Chuck Tewksbury 1 3
Ted Wilcox 1 1
Michael Rodgers 1 4
Tim Kelly 0 1
Keith Talbot 0 4